Intelligent Project Design Service

The project that is outside your field of expertise - too large for you, too small for you, too tight a schedule or too low a priority to be handled efficiently 'in-house' by you - is 'bread and butter' to us at IPDS Ltd. We provide a unique partnership with our clients in which we are proud to be regarded as a competent and capable extension to their own resource. A cost-effective service that relieves their workload and eases the pressure - so it's business as usual for our IPDS engineers.

More important than size is reputation. The IPDS engineers' reputation for quality, response and performance is second to none. We know that, because a long list of clients that included some of the most demanding of safety, quality and cost-conscious design kept coming back to us.

We recognise the successful completion of any project is totally dependent upon a thorough understanding of the client end-user requirements. We believe in thorough investigation of the objectives and an early design review to ensure that you will never be better understood.

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