Laser Scanning

IPDS can capture as-built information rapidly, accurately and in fine detail to provide detailed measurement and documentation of 3D data with high accuracy. IPDS use state-of-the-art laser scanners capable of capturing one million points per second combined with high-resolution camera panoramic images to create coloured Point Cloud data.

laser scanning


Photogrammetry survey is the basis of high-resolution digital image capture. This highly precise and adaptable data can be employed in many ways, from an accurate record of the as-built status of a facility to 3D visualisation. Benefits include usage in congested or inaccessible areas and integration with laser scan data.


Scan to CAD Model

Accurate as-built information is fundamental to the success of any plant modification project. Our as-built models are constructed from several data sources including laser scan data, photogrammetric survey, line lists and P&IDs. The as-built model is then transferred into your preferred CAD system (such as AutoCAD, E3D, SmartPlant 3D, Microstation or PDMS).

scan to CAD model