Project Engineering

We recognise the successful completion of any project is totally dependent upon a thorough understanding of the client end-user requirements. We believe in thorough investigation of the objectives and an early design review to ensure that you will never be better understood.

Project Management Services

IPDS manage the change process to deliver new or modified projects. We bring people together to focus on specific project objectives and manage the start and end dates to meet a specified result, controlled within agreed limits of cost, quality and time.

IPDS will:

  • Understand the stakeholder's needs
  • Define the project scope
  • Prioritise project risk
  • Plan what needs to be done, when, by whom, and to what standards
  • Manage and motivate the team
  • Co-ordinate the design & construction process
  • Monitor work progress
  • Manage changes to the plan
  • Deliver the results on budget, on time

CMD Co-ordination and Regulations

IPDS provide advice to Clients to meet their duties under CDM regulations, ensuring that clients projects are properly managed and co-ordinated and that competent Designers and Contractors are appointed for the duration of the project.

IPDS will:

  • Complete Pre-Construction Information
  • Advise the Client on the adequacy of management arrangements
  • Provide relevant information to Designers and Contractors
  • Co-ordinate the flow of information between the design team
  • Notify the HSE and raise the F10
  • Co-ordinate H&S aspects for the work of Designers, Planners and team players
  • Collect record information and prepare the Health and Safety File